The Veneer Course By Dr Sandra Garcia Martin

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The Veneer Course

  • Transform The Quality Of Your Veneer Treatment And Get The True Respect Of Your Peers..
  • Take On Bigger, More Complex Veneer Cases And Become A Clinician Others Refer To.
  • Earn More, Increase Your Prices And Showcase Your New Stunning Smile Makeovers.

Gold Standard

Live Patient Treatment Beginning To End

Finally Become Completely Confident In Your Case Selection, Treatment Planning, Preparation, Impressions, Temporaries, Mock Ups, Shade Matching  And Veneer Fits.

The first of it's kind in an online course. Watch us take you through how to treat a live patient from consultation to cementation.

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Improvement In Veneer Treatment & Earnings

Welcome to "The Veneer Course", let’s make you a Master of Veneer treatment.


This course will help you gain the confidence to deliver successful, predictable and gold standard Veneer treatment that your favourite cosmetic dentists can do every single day. 


We lift the lid on all the secret frameworks dentists with the highest quality work use and have your patients screaming about how amazing you are and how much they love their teeth!!


Unlike most courses we won’t just "tell" you how… we will "show" you how....In an exclusive first for online courses…


You will learn all of this on a real “LIVE patient”, step by step..


Including patient consultation, treatment planning, case selection, mock ups, preparations, temporaries, impressions, direct wax up's, bonding techniques, rubber dam, shade matching, veneer fits, photography, videography, margin perfection and much more...


Showing all the raw behind the scenes action, complications that come up during the procedure, how your nurse can make your process more efficient and how to keep your patient happy during long treatments…


a true A-Z of the veneer treatment experience.


Life changing transformations is why we are in this industry.


So we are promising career trajectory changing transformations after taking this course…




If you are an anxious beginner who needs help: by the end of this course you will be confident in carrying out veneer cases on your own, beginning to end. Selecting the correct cases for treatment and keeping your patients happy.


If you are a dentist who can’t seem to get your work to look like your colleagues: you will learn how to design your patient's smiles with precision. You will also be able to communicate effectively with your lab to get high quality "natural looking" porcelain veneers that look great on your patient and avoid any hiccups at the cementation stage. 


If you are experienced at Veneer cases: you will get a lot of practical tips and tricks that will enhance your workflow, confidently be able to increase your prices and showcase your work to really show patients & colleagues you are an ELITE Veneer provider.


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Beginning To End With A Real Patient

Never been done before - "live patient veneer case" step by step from start to finish. Watch Dr Sandra perform veneer treatment shot beautifully in 4k by professional filmmakers. 

We will be continually updating the course with content each and every month. Veneer treatment case archives, Patient journey content and any content that is requested by the community to help you learn.

We don't want this to be course you only go through once. This course will be a reference guide throughout your career. The veneer course will get more valuable as time goes on so it will be very beneficial for you to get in early!

In this bonus section there will also be exclusive interviews of Sandra sharing the tips and tactics that helped her succeed for the last decade as a sought after Harley Street dentist.

Veneer Photography Masterclass

Sandra shares her complete Photography protocols that she uses for amazing before & afters that has helped her get an extensive celebrity client list.

She even includes protocols for those who are just starting their career and are on a limited budget. 

This course gives you all the tools you need to become the best cosmetic clinician you can be and showcase your high quality work no matter what your current level is.

Be A Part Of A Private Members Only Community

Not only are you joining a course but you are joining an Exclusive Community.

A support network of colleagues who genuinely want to help you.

We strive to curate one of the most positive dental forums globally via our private Facebook group. All the top courses have amazing aftercare so we want to bring you the same in Sandra's unique style.

Those of you who join the ____ tier will get exclusive access to Sandra to be able to discuss your cases one to one with her. 

So what's in store for you once you join The Veneer Course??


Dr Rhona Eskander


"Dr.Sandra is an incredible dentist who has learnt from some of the best people all over the world. Her online course is perfect for those who want to learn about veneers and gain a better understanding. I would definitely recommend it as it’s something I think can really benefit you all"


Dr Reena Wadia


"It's absolutely brilliant! A super thorough, step by step guide.

It will really give you a great step ahead no matter your current level as a cosmetic dentist.

She knows everything you need to know about Veneers!"


Dr Alina Nasir


"I specifically recommend that you check it out because it is extremely helpful for anyone who wants to up their veneer game and wants to learn principles and concepts on  how to do porcelain* veneers, conservatively and beautifully for a natural result!


Dr Sorabh Patel


"I dunno about everyone else, but the hardest part for me has always been temporising veneers. Sometimes it takes me more time to temporise veneers than it actually does to prep them.

This course made me understand the things I was doing wrong, and troubleshoot aspects of my dentistry.

It goes through things in a systematic, logical way to prevent you from making those same mistakes and making sure that your temporaries are really good, not just aesthetically, but in a way that can actually help the patient to assess their occlusion, their phonetics.  It's facially driven.

Since doing this course, the two cases I have done, the temps have been great. They haven't fallen off. They were easy to remove and it was a lot less stress inducing than what I've had to face previously.

So that was a big win for me. 

The skills that you learn from this, course you can transfer into your everyday practice from:
Comprehensive planning, photography, videography, communication to the lab, communication to patients, temporization, bonding protocols.

All of those things you can transfer to pretty much all aspects of dentistry as well. 

I've advised all my associates to go ahead with it. And my associates, some of them are three to four years qualified. Some of them are over 10 years qualified, but all of them found it really useful. So, you know, there's something for everyone!


Dr Raabiha Maan


"I have to say it is a great course. 

Sandra is a fantastic speaker. She  teaches complex ideas that are so detailed in a way that doesn't seem overwhelming.

I was like, excellent. This is the difference between a good course and a great one...

For example, if we go to the mockup module, she talks about, when you are taking the impression of the wax up, you will spray the light body with air, like little details like that, which are so valuable for dentists.

Not to mention the videos are so beautifully filmed and presented that you want to watch and learn more.

So I think it's a bit of an no-brainer.

If you're looking for a course on veneers, one to easily access from home, this is excellent. 

Definitely go for it.


Dr Zahra Siddiqui


" The fact that it's on a live patient, no textbook can replace this experience. 

I personally learned a lot from the preparation module, how to construct really beautiful temporary veneers and her traffic light etching system was a new thing that I learnt. 

I think it's great for any clinician, whatever stage of your career you're at.

And actually I was thinking that the in-person mentorship would be a really good thing to do, if you have veneer cases coming up as you can learn to implement everything from the online course in practice."


Dr Ruari Gallagher


"I recently completed the online veneer course with Dr. Sandra Martin and I really, really enjoyed the course. 

It is a really good introduction to the world of porcelain veneers, especially as someone who has recently graduated but also great for my more experienced colleagues also.

My favourite part of the course was the section which covered photography and how this is helpful, not only in documenting pre and post-treatment, but also using photographs and videos to allow a patient to really assess their mock-ups as well.

It would be great to do this before supplementing it with the hands on practical mentorship in-person.

So yeah, I highly recommend it. I think all the videos were really professionally put together. A lot of time had gone into making them look really nicely produced. So yeah, it was great. Thank you very much. 


Dr Yewande Oduwole


"Honestly the veneer course was really really good! 

Sandra explains everything step-by-step on a live patient.

Also there's an option to actually get in-person mentorship from Dr. Sandra and bring your own patients in which I think is invaluable because it's one thing to learn on a course, but then it's another thing to actually implement it and put it into practice.

I think by having that mentorship and someone to kind of hold your hands through it. I think it's really invaluable, so I definitely recommend it and really hope you guys enjoy it. I am signed up!


Dr Karisma Uppal


"I could not recommend this course enough. It really breaks down difficult concepts, ideas and tips into easy to understand video clips, that are short and concise which make it more enjoyable to watch - which in turn will make you want to learn more.

Dr. Martin's method of communicating is spot on! You feel like you're in a personalized conversation which is a lot more pleasant for me, especially as I don't like particularly long videos where they sort of ramble.

You can see the camera zooming into preparations and how to do them, which is very useful when you emulate it clinically. All the equipment is shown such as burs. There's a clear picture which makes it even easier to be more organised. I've learnt a lot!

Thank you very much for creating such a brilliant resource and I look forward to watching and learning more from you. 


Dr Myria Akhtar


"Dr Sandra's course is exceptional and when I saw a female was teaching a veneer course I just went for it!

The technique in her course is different to every other course Ive been on.

Her course was very unique as it showed live patients unlike other courses where I wouldn’t understand how to actually perform it on a patient.

It made me feel as If I was able to carry out these veneer cases on anyone. Everything in the course was clear, precise and I would tell anyone to book themselves on this course”


Dr Omo Okonkwo


“The course was absolutely amazing and was more than I expected.

One of the things I really loved about veneer course is that Sandra shared so many amazing small nuggets of info that you really wouldn't think about until you're doing the procedure.

And trust me, I've been on many veneer courses. I've also watched quite a lot of veneer courses. Its always very much high level stuff, but this was really sharing the nitty gritties of the whole veneer process and things that you wouldn't have thought of, but she covered them in great detail and also talked about the science behind it.

I would definitely 100% recommend the veneer course to take your veneer practice to the next level.”


Chloe Russel Williams


"My favourite aspect was the photography - as you could see Dr. Sandra taking all the photos and explaining why she does them in certain positions, certain angles, just to make sure you get the perfect veneers, which I think is something I will take on in my future career.

The videos are excellently filmed. You get explanations from Dr. Garcia herself and also demonstrations of her doing the procedures. So you can visualize it really clearly.

They're split into individual categories. So if you just wanna look over something, for example, like preparations, then you could just watch that, which is really helpful.

Really exciting and interesting course that explains things simply. Great for revision and also refreshing your skills. I think what makes the course unique is it's so easy to follow and done on a live patient.

So thank you, Dr. Garcia for an excellent course, and I'm looking forward to the next one.”


Dr Nikki Choong


"She's an incredible dentist and very, very talented, and it was great to learn so much from her.

This course is a range of videos and has modules from photography to the mockup to creating the temporaries and the fitting the veneers themselves.

Videos are very well produced with high quality footage. I really enjoyed the step by step process showing you how to place these veneers and make them beautiful, aesthetic and also match the patient's smile.

As you know, veneers are minimally invasive and they're crucial to get perfectly right to match the patient's smile and improve their confidence."

Highly recommend this course to any dentist who wants to learn more about veneers or to improve on their veneer techniques."


Your Mentor On This Course...

Dr Sandra Garcia Martin


Dr Sandra Garcia Martin is a highly experienced cosmetic dentist who is based in London. She specialises in all aspects of dentistry and is passionate about creating beautiful smiles, using cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry techniques. She is one of very few dentists who practices the DSD (digital smile design) concept approach, a highly effective framework for veneers.

Dr Martin gained her dental degree at The University of Barcelona. She later moved to the US, where she undertook a masters degree in periodontology and dental implants at New York University (NYU). Dr Martin also gained an additional masters in aesthetic dentistry at NYU have undertaken her studies with the guidance and teaching of Dr Larry Rosenthal and Mike Apa, renowned pioneers of modern dentistry.

Dr Martin enjoys providing patients with the most modern aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry approaches and has decades of experience in creating beautiful, unique and natural looking smiles. Most recently, Dr Martin travelled to China to provide dental education to some of their most deprived communities.

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Dr Komal Kalia


"Really informative and made everything look simple.

The best parts were the photography module, the prep and the mock up modules. 

Not every case is a Veneer case. Direct composite veneers are suitable for some people, in-direct for others.

So that was something I was a bit nervous about doing "in-direct veneers". The idea of it did scare me, but after doing this course, I've gained more confidence and definitely looking forward to trying more In practice.

Course is great for young dentists and for experienced dentist who are looking to do more cosmetic dentistry and don’t know where to start.

Everything was clear and filmed really well from start to finish.
So overall a really, really useful course. Yeah, I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot.”


Dr Jay Sasdev


"I think it's perfect for those looking to really improve their veneer preparations. And take it to that next level. 

It has step-by-step explanations on veneer preparations from the pre-op photos to the mockup, and then the final definitive restoration.

It also explains the need for a wax up when and how to use it also goes through the ideal temporary restorations, making them aesthetic and lasting long. It goes through all the different types of veneer preparations, including videos or the different reductions.

It also discusses and talks about how to take photographs, which I think especially in this day and age is really important. And the best angles and camera settings that need to be used.

I think this course would be good for more or less anyone, to be honest with you. New grads and people who have been practicing for several years there's a lot to learn.

I think you guys should sign up.


Dr Ravi Chandarana


"I can definitely recommend this course for anyone. Who's looking to increase their knowledge of veneers and cosmetic dentistry.

Whether you're a newly qualified dentist like me, or simply someone who wants to improve on your skill set, the course explains all of the information you need in order to start making highly aesthetic veneers. 

From how to take high quality photographs, to mock ups, to preparation to veneer fits and also how to communicate effectively with patients.

Dr. Sandra also goes through all of the materials that you'll need to use in your workflow, including the use of burs, materials and digital dentistry.

This is so that you can replicate her technique in your own practice. I really hope you enjoy the course as much as I have!




“ A very clear, concise course and is very visual.

Anyone can follow this course and learn how to develop their technique.

The best thing I’ve learnt as a 2nd year dentistry student is the importance of taking photographs and the video gives all the settings to take the perfect the photographs.

I am very eager to do all of Dr Sandra's available courses in the future.”


Dr Rachel Ogunleye


"I found the mockup segment very helpful, especially her emphasis on putting the patient at the center and really making the patient feel good. Very Insightful!

When it came to the use of photography, Dr Sandra used both the Nikon and the Canon cameras. She went through the different settings, the different orientations and how you would get the different views and shared demonstrations of it.

I found that very, very helpful as a foundation dentist. 


Dr Imaan Khalid


"Found the videos extremely useful as they are split up into small sections, which you can look back at depending on the stage of veneer treatment you are doing on that day.

Camera settings are extremely helpful, so you know exactly how to take the recommended clinical pictures.

She also mentions the materials she uses making it easy to find for yourself.

Really easy course to follow - You should definitely do it!”


Dr Mariella Mackinlay


“I am a visual learner and so having the opportunity to watch Sandra perform every step of the veneer case on a live patient was really useful.

Seeing how she applied a mock up to a patient was very helpful and will give me more confidence when I apply my own.

This course will be useful for any dentist who is aiming to enhance their skills in cosmetic dentistry”


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